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with help from your CEO team and coach. 

Our members have the competitive advantage.

*Dunn & Bradstreet Study

Designed for the Challenges of Business Owners, CEOs and C-level Executives
Peer Advisory Board
  •  Gain fresh perspectives on complex issues
  •  Enjoy the power of a meeting led by a trained expert.
  •  Be with people who have no personal agenda.
  •  Increase accountability and improve results
Executive Coaching
  •  Attend monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with a seasoned business advisor
  •  Get personalized guidance to navigate challenges and opportunities
  •  Accelerate your own personal development
  •  Break through business barriers to reach new heights
World Class Speakers
  •  Learn from world class speakers and trainers
  •  Receive actionable information to grow your company and yourself
  •  Invite your team to participate in the speaker portion of your meetings
Eight half-day meetings
Four full-day meetings that include an expert speaker workshop
A monthly one-to-one coaching session with your chair 

Smarter Decisions. 
Better Outcomes.
Day after Day.

Vistage has been an invaluable part of my growth as a CEO and leader of my company. My group chair, Brian Kinahan, and fellow members help keep me accountable monthly, and focused on the high level priorities in my business. The collective wisdom of the Vistage online forum has provided help and insights to me from CEOs from all over the world who have enabled me to conduct new business in countries previously unavailable to my company. The cost of my membership has been paid many times over in the short year that I’ve been a Vistage member.

- G.C.

Brian has brought a level of expertise and knowledge to our business planning and operations that has resulted in double digit growth over the past couple years. His ability to find and focus on the core issues of each project, collect supporting information and help guide us in the right direction has been invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending the group to any CEO who's serious about growing their business.

- B.V.

Joining Vistage is the single best thing I’ve done for my business in years. The insights gained from having a team of diverse CEO’s has proven extremely valuable. In the 2+ years since I joined, my business has grown over 50%. Brian Kinahan is an exceptional leader for our group and the 1-to-1 meetings are fantastic to brainstorm ideas, develop strategy, and focus on financials. If you want to grow, personally and professionally, this is the way to do it!

- J.G..
Vistage has proven beyond valuable in helping my company implement a powerful set of management practices that have improved how we do things across the organization. Furthermore, our group serves as a private board of directors - always present to assist in both personal and professional matters. The group holds me accountable to follow through on initiatives that allow me to reach my goals. We are a stronger, more profitable company as a result of Vistage and Brian Kinahan’s leadership.

- M.E.
My goal was to work ON the business not just IN the business and Vistage helped me accomplish that goal. Through challenging group discussions, probing individual coaching and some key messages from speakers, I developed new perspectives and processes that today are serving both my business and me personally. If I could have a retroactive wish it would be to have known about and been a part of Vistage decades ago. I highly recommend Brian's group to business owners who want their business and culture to grow.  

- M.V.

I have been a member for over 2 years and in that short time Vistage has made me more confident in running my business and in myself, as a person. Highly effective!

- H.G.

YOUR CHAIR: Brian Kinahan
Brian helps CEOs accelerate their leadership growth and impact by taking a more systematic approach to business management and personal development.   

He leads a Vistage CEO group, provides one-on-one CEO coaching, and guides CEOs and their management teams in the implementation of foundational business practices that generate faster, more profitable growth and higher valuations.

Brian brings 40 years of C-level experience including 10 years as CEO and 5 years as COO, 12 years advising distressed "turn-around" businesses and, more recently, 13 years helping CEOs maximize growth, profitability and valuation.

Profitability and upward trends
“In my six years as a Vistage member, I’ve recommended that five people consider joining. They did, and they’re very glad they did. All six of us can benchmark our joining Vistage as the beginning of marked improvements in each of our companies’ profitability and upward trends. Now, not being in Vistage would be risky.”

~ Jay Steinfeld, Founder of
“There were so many decisions that I had to make in the middle of the recession. …Vistage, my CEO coach and my group helped me. Little by little, things began to turn around. We went from $900,000 to 
$30.5M this past year.”

 ~ Pam JungCEO of 
Workforce Solutions Group
“There are so many things you can take away from your Vistage experience that would take you an MBA or a PhD to get. But you get them, not in the context of a classroom, but in the context of real business people talking about having actually lived through this crisis or that situation.”

~ Peter Ganahl, President & CEO, 
Ganahl Lumber
Brian Kinahan, Vistage Chair
office: 310.256.2608
cell: 919.225.3040
232 S. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212